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Chicago, IL 

Nextech Energy Systems, an Illinois Limited Liability Company, announced today the trademarking of it's name and logo with the United States Patent & Trademark Office!


This now gives exclusive proprietary rights to the core identifiers of it's brand. A trademark is a binding indicator that distinguishes a company from it's competitors as the source of it's goods or services. By obtaining trademark status, Nextech protects itself against unauthorized use of it's name and branding, thereby setting itself apart as unique within the fields of energy, technology, and other related industries. 

Nextech has obtained trademarked status in the following primary classification codes: 009, 035, 036, 040, and 042. These codes relate to fields including but not limited to: energy consulting, brokerage, engineering, and project management; deployment of electronic devices such as energy meters, lighting controls, and distributed generation technology; and energy-related consultation in matters of law, e-commerce, and finance, among others. By becoming trademarked, Nextech's brand is protected regarding products and services that it currently offers and/or intends to offer in the future.

"This is a huge moment for us" says Matthew Coyle, Co-Founder & Managing Partner. "Obtaining a trademark isn't as simple as registering a website domain, its actually a long and complex process. We're excited to be able to market our brand with confidence and continue to produce the high level of service that our clients have come to expect. Nextech Energy Systems will be the name synonymous with energy technology for the foreseeable future!" 

This announcement represents the latest in a series of key achievements as Nextech continues to establish itself as a leader in comprehensive energy solutions.

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About Nextech: Nextech Energy Systems is an independent consultant providing comprehensive energy solutions. It's leadership team is comprised of seasoned professionals with vast experience across multiple sectors of the energy industry. Services provided include contract consultation for energy procurement and curtailment, lighting design and retrofits, energy efficiency upgrades, installation and programming of virtual controls, and solar solutions. Nextech continuously explores emerging energy trends and incentives to help its clients reduce their energy spend. Nextech Energy Systems is an approved ComEd, Ameren, Nicor and People’s Gas Trade Ally, an Illinois licensed contractor and energy broker, a NESTPro certified and Ecobee trained installer, and is accredited with the Better Business Bureau.

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