Pelican Range Extender

  • $199.00

Wireless Extended Range Gateway (GW400)

The GW400 is the Internet connection channel for all your Pelican devices. The GW400 can connect up to 2000 Pelican devices to the Internet. Utilizing advanced mesh network technology, Pelican can extend a gateway wireless signal to every thermostat in your building.

  • Not WiFi - Just Wireless! A fundamental approach to Internet security is to start with a design that eliminates risk. By utilizing advanced mesh network technology (not WiFi), no cross communication is possible. Simple and smart.

  • Automated Wireless Connection - Thermostats automatically connect to each other and back to the Pelican Gateway (GW400). Because we integrate our advanced wireless mesh network into every thermostat, there is ZERO wireless setup required.

*Available with purchase + installation of the Pelican thermostat or economizer only.