Netgear High Speed Cable Modem + Installation

  • Starting at $395.00 Tax included

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Total All-inclusive Price Starts At: $295


Netgear High Speed Modem

The NETGEAR High Speed Cable Modem provides a connection to high-speed cable Internet. It is CableLabs certified DOCSIS 3.0 and 3.1 that is 24X faster than 2.0 devices.

  • Ultimate Speed up to 2Gbps: Can be used with your provider's fastest cable internet speed tiers. Whether you're simply surfing the web or streaming multiple HD videos simultaneously, you'll stay connected with speed and reliability.
  • Narrow Profile: Lets you tuck the modem away behind other components and keeps your valuable shelf space open.
  • Ideal for XFINITY: Quick web self activation for XFINITY customers - start streaming with no need for a service call.
  • CableLabs DOCSIS 3.0 Certified: Works with cable Internet providers, XFINITY from Comcast, Spectrum, Cox, Cablevision and more!


CM600 - Up to 400Mbps with 24x8 Channel Bonding, DOCSIS 3.0

CM1000 - Up to 1Gbps with 32x8 Channel Bonding, DOCSIS 3.1

CM1200 - Up to 2Gbps with 32x8 Channel Bonding, DOCSIS 3.1


Our technicians will install and program your new Netgear High Speed Cable Modem and put the full potential of this smart device to work for you. As an Illinois-licensed, bonded, and insured installer, you can rely on Nextech to get the job done efficiently and affordably.

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