Sonos Beam + Installation

  • Starting at $495.00 Tax included

Price Includes: Device, Parts, Labor, Setup & Integration, Warranty, Taxes

Total All-inclusive Price: $495


Sonos Beam Compact Soundbar Speaker

Sonos beam is the smart, compact soundbar for TV, music, and more. Play everything that matters to you with Beam. Control it with your voice, remote, the Sonos app, and more.


  • Small to medium size rooms
    Beam's compact and versatile design make it great for rooms where space is at a premium.
  • Place on furniture or wall mount
    Place Beam on your TV stand or purchase the custom designed wall mount to easily and securely hang it.
  • Expands with you
    Beam is part of the Sonos sound system, so you can easily add more speakers to fill every room with sound.
  • Premium sound
    Full-range woofers and tweeters harmonize low and high frequencies.
  • Speech Enhancement
    Turn on dialog clarity speech enhancement and never miss another word.
  • Night Sound
    Enjoy late night TV without ever waking the whole house.
    Instantly pair your remote and control your TV with voice.
  • Play everything that matters to you
    TV. Movies. Music. Radio. Podcasts. Audiobooks. Games. AirPlay.
  • Choose your control
    Control Sonos Beam with your voice, the Sonos app, AirPlay, or your favorite music service's app.
  • Voice Control
    The Google Assistant and Amazon Alexa are built right in so you can play music, check news, set alarms, get your questions answered, and more, completely hands free.
  • Add surround sound without wires
    Create a home theater system when you wirelessly connect a pair of rear speakers and a Sub.
  • Better TV control with Alexa and Fire TV
    Find, start and manage shows and movies just by asking with the latest Alexa-enabled video streaming devices such as Fire TV for remote-free control.


Our technicians will install and program your new Sonos Beam and put the full potential of this smart device to work for you. As an Illinois-licensed, bonded and insured installer, you can rely on Nextech to get the job done efficiently and affordably.

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