Google Home Max Speaker

Google Home Max Speaker

  • $399.00 Tax included

Google Home Max Speaker


Built for sound. Inside and Out.

Meet Google Home Max, our biggest and best sounding Google Home with the Google Assistant built-in. With a combination of hardware and Smart Sound software, Max makes your music sound great. Pure and simple. However you want to play your music, Max has you covered. And in any room you have a Google Home device, you can group them together to play your music in sync.

  • Built for sound, inside and out: Google Home Max is designed with advanced hardware for room-filling stereo sound.
  • Smart Sound. Better Music: Smart Sound adapts the listening experience to you - not the other way around. Using six internal microphones to measure the acoustics of your room, Google Home Max automatically adjusts the equalizer settings for the most balanced sound.
  • Play it your way: Enjoy music in all ways you like. Stream 40+ million songs over Wi-Fi from YouTube Music, Spotify, Pandora, iHeartRadio and more. Since it’s made by Google, simply use your voice to search, play and control your music. With excellent far-field voice recognition, Max can hear you from across the room, even with the music turned up.
  • Expand your sound: Get that home sound system you’ve been craving. Group Max with compatible speakers like Google Home to play the same song in sync across multiple rooms. Or wirelessly stereo-pair two Maxes together.
  • Just as helpful: With the Google Assistant built-in, Google Home Max is your own personal DJ. Just say what you want to hear. Plus, get real-time answers to things you want to know, control smart devices in your home, or use Max to set reminders, send messages or make phone calls, hands free.