Nest Cam Outdoor + Installation

  • Starting at $450.00 Tax included

Price Includes: Device, Parts, Labor, Setup & Integration, Warranty, Taxes

Total All-inclusive Price Starts At: $450


Nest Cam Outdoor

Nest Cam Outdoor is standing watch 24/7, rain or shine. This battery powered security camera is built with modern technology that allows for a multitude of useful features which makes taking care of your home that much easier. Nest Cam Outdoor is beautiful, weatherproof, and works anywhere you need it. 

  • 24/7 Live Video: 130° view shows you everything in 1080p HD quality, day and night.
  • Alerts on Your Phone: Get activity alerts with a photo of the event so you know if anything happens while you’re away.
  • Sleek Design: Made with a simplistic look, this device will assimilate itself into your space.
  • Talk & Listen: Built-in speaker and microphone lets you talk and listen through the app. Speak up to get someone’s attention or tell the dog to get off the couch.
  • Weatherproof: Camera, cable, and adapter are all weatherproof.
  • Clear as Day, Even at Night: Night Vision evenly illuminates the whole scene so you don't miss anything.
  • Nest Aware: Get alerts and continuous cloud recordings. Create Zones for more precise alerts in important areas, like the driveway or front door (free trial).

Optional Power Sources*:

  • Outdoor Power Outlet: Plug-in transformer and cable are securely ran to existing outdoor outlet. Lockable outlet cover included with lock.
  • Indoor Power Outlet: Plug-in transformer and cable are securely ran to existing indoor outlet; includes drill through brick or wood.
  • New In-Wall Power Source: New outlet, transformer, and cables installed inside wall, and hidden by flush-mount access panel.

*Requires hardwired installation to weatherproof electrical boxes. Mounting upside down or horizontally is not recommended, this will void the warranty and make the device susceptible to water damage. Adequate WiFi coverage is essential to ensure optimal functionality. 


Our technicians will install and program your new Nest Cam and put the full potential of this smart device to work for you. As a Nest Pro certified installer and an Illinois-licensed, bonded, and insured contractor, you can rely on Nextech to get the job done efficiently and affordably. 
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