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EV Charging Solutions

Install electrical equipment once and scale charging stations over time to avoid costly upgrades and permit fees down the line.
Greatly reduce installation costs by sharing the incremental circuit capacity of your electrical infrastructure.
Limit construction activity, power disconnects, and parking restrictions. 
Add value and appeal to your real estate without increasing property taxes or insurance premiums.
Automatic limits and custom scheduling lets you manage the inevitable spike in energy demands during peak times.

LTE cellular network gateway; Zigbee local mesh communications; RFID card readers; WiFi repeaters/upgrades not required

Automatic firmware and App upgrades ensure the latest features and vehicle compatibility via the e-Charge Network.
Durable casing, premium cable management, and flexible mounting options engineered to operate from -40°F to 122°F
An assessment of your property is performed to provide a complete project design customized to fit your unique needs.
The service proposal includes all up-front electrical and infrastructure costs as well as the a la carte price per parking spot.
All invoicing, product deliveries, installation scheduling, and dispatch coordination is handled by Nextech.
Leverage affordable loan and credit products to reduce/eliminate up front payments and free up cash flow.
Many rebates, grants, and tax incentives are available to help reduce total project costs and maximize ROI.
Implement charging rates to offset electricity usage fees and cover expenses.
The management dashboard provides a snapshot of your current charging status, session history, billing & revenue reports, and energy consumption data.
Authenticate drivers; assign, manage, and restrict access; create wait lists, permit charging times, and set energy consumption limits.
View your chargers' current status, restart and troubleshoot specific stations, and receive push notifications for maintenance or connectivity issues.
From online ordering and invoicing, to booking and dispatch, to technical support - we handle it all at every stage so that you can focus on what matters.
Nextech's end-to-end project management and ongoing service and support simplifies your entire EV experience.

Highrise Smart Thermostat & Heating/Cooling FAQ

Conventional thermostats simply adjust the temperature in your home. Programmable thermostats let you set the temperature based on the time of day.

What makes smart Thermostats "smart" is their ability to program themselves. They learn from your living patterns and adjust accordingly. You can control the climate from your mobile device and even view your consumption statistics in real-time. The “smart” adjustments of the thermostat keep your furnace running as efficiently as possible, which can help avoid unnecessary wear and tear and keep your energy costs down.

Browse our current Smart Thermostat options here

If you're upgrading an outdated thermostat with a Smart Thermostat, Nextech highly recommends you replace all of your existing thermostats with the same Smart Thermostat type to ensure optimal climate control of your home.

Nextech may be able to install previously purchased devices, however pricing and warranty may be effected. We highly recommend purchasing your devices directly through us as this will ensure that you receive the best possible price on your installation as well as the maximum available warranty coverage. 

For complete terms, please see our warranty details here.

Nextech can install in your property if you're not there, or if a tenant is there is your stead. If this is the case please note the following:

· If you have not already, please provide us with the contact information for this individual to ensure access to the unit during the installation appointment.

· If the individual is the ComEd account holder we will need to obtain their account information. The individual will need to provide their account number and electronic signature. For more information regarding the ComEd Instant rebate please click here

To transition to a new tenant, send an email to to request factory reset instructions.

We make the buying process easy. Just visit your building's customized Nextech webpage (www.nextechenergy/yourbuilding). Select your products and schedule your install quickly and comfortably from your computer or mobile device in just a few steps.

1. Select your thermostat

Purchase your thermostat and schedule your install online through your building's Nextech website

- Customize your order with NextechSelect

2. Order Confirmation

You'll receive an email confirming your order and will be prompted to provide your ComEd account number so that we can process your rebate. You will then receive an authorization form to electronically sign.

- Be sure to notify us if you need to make any changes.

3. Prepare for your Install

Please be sure to:

  • Have your WiFi password handy
  • Download and setup your thermostat's corresponding app
  • Make sure someone is at home for your scheduled install
  • Clear your furnace area
  • Notify us of any pets or special requests

4. Installation Day

We will arrive within 30 minutes of your scheduled time. We'll install and program your thermostat and provide you with a brief demonstration. Afterwards we'll have you sign off on the work order and be on our way.

5. Installed!

We take pride in our service. If for any reason you aren't satisfied please let us know so we can make it right. If we provided great service then please leave us a review on ​​Yelp, HomeAdvisor, or Google!

For installation day we will need:

- Your ComEd account number 

- Your smart phone with the corresponding device app downloaded and account set up

- WiFi password

- We will need someone to be present during the installation

- Clean off any belongings from furnace area

Our professional installer(s) will arrive within 30 minutes of your scheduled installation time. We'll efficiently install and program your devices and then provide a brief demonstration of how to work the device. Afterwards we’ll have you sign off on the work order and be on our way.

Your account number will be displayed on your monthly ComEd bill.

You can also find it by logging into

If you can't locate your bill and don't have an online account you can contact ComEd at 1-800-334-7661

It's best to be home during the installation as app set up and live demonstration is included with the install. However, in some situations accommodations can be made. 

If you need to reschedule please contact us as soon as possible to make new arrangements. 

A standard thermostat allows you to adjust the temperature of your home via a control panel on the thermostat. 

A Smart Thermostat gives you the opportunity to have greater control over your thermostat while also helping you save money when you can on your energy bill! Have the ability to control your smart thermostat via its control panel or remotely using your smart device or home control system. Utilize the various features that come with smart thermostats to help you manage your home efficiently.  

For more information on the Smart Thermostats we sell & install visit our Smart Thermostat page here

For inquiries on the brands we currently carry related to Smart Thermostats check out the "Manufacturer Resources" tab for Ecobee, Honeywell, and Nest.  

Typically thermostats only read the temperature of the space in which they physically are. Remote Temperature Sensors can be placed in additional areas to allow your Smart Thermostat to know which rooms should be at what temperature at a certain time of day. If you find that your temperature is not consistent throughout your home/business, or if you would like certain rooms to be hotter/colder than the rest, then Remote Temperature Sensors are the solution for you! 

Take a look at the Remote Temperature Sensors we offer here.

Wall Plates are utilized to cover the footprint of the existing thermostat being replaced. Be advised however, if your previous unit was painted there is a chance that touching up will be necessary around your new Smart Thermostat. As an alternative to touching up, we offer fully customizable made to order Wall Plates that are larger and better equipped to cover the entire area. 

There is a range of Wall Plate colors and style options for your Smart Thermostat. These can be added to your order via NextechSelect. The standard included style is a white plastic Wall Plate.

For more information and details on Wall Plate options please reach out to us using the form located here.

Color options vary based on the type of Smart Thermostat you purchase. The most common colorways are stainless steel, black, or white. Delays in delivery and installation may occur depending on the color of the Smart Thermostat chosen.

For more details on what colors specific Smart Thermostats offer take a look at our smart thermostat page located here.

Yes, Nextech installed Smart Thermostats are fully compatible with a variety of smart home integrations such as smart home control systems, Amazon Alexa, the Google Assistant, Apple Homekit, Hey Google, and IFTTT among others.

You can completely customize your Smart Thermostat order via NextechSelect to include a variety of smart home products including cameras, WiFi routers, smoke detectors, and more. 

Programming and integration is always included with your install.

You don't need to connect your Smart Thermostat to the internet for it to work. If your device is not connected to WiFi or the internet, the device will work as a manual thermostat. However it must be connected to WiFi to be managed remotely on your smart device and to access many of its useful features. If you purchase a Smart Thermostat you'll most likely want to connect it to WiFi to get the most use out of it.

The device should connect anywhere there is WiFi, however particularly weak WiFi could lead to connection issues and a small number of routers (typically older ones) are not compatible. 

If your current WiFi router or connection is a concern, Nextech sells and installs the latest high speed modems, routers, and mesh networks to improve your internet speed and performance.

Find more information about our WiFi & Internet options here.

If you prefer assistance picking the best suited WiFi network for you call us directly or contact us here.

Nextech handles all of the initial setup and programming of your Smart Thermostat upon installation.

Yes, Smart Thermostat settings may be changed or modified at your discretion. 

For more brand specific information regarding Smart Thermostat settings look at our "Manufacturer Resources" tab for your corresponding Smart Thermostat brand.

The Auto-Scheduling feature allows your Smart Thermostat to learn from your behavior and past patterns. It then sets the temperature accordingly to maximize your comfort while also saving you energy when it can. 

For example, if you routinely turn the temperature down at bed-time, you may notice your Smart Thermostat begins to do this automatically on your behalf around that time.

For users with inconsistent work/home schedules or patterns of use, you may consider disabling the Auto-Scheduling feature. You can manage Auto-Scheduling in your Smart Thermostat’s settings.

Initial programming of your device is unique to your HVAC system. We highly recommend that you contact us prior to resetting your device to ensure the device still functions properly upon restart.

Your Smart Thermostat will display the temperature it's reading from its current location, which may be different from other parts of your home. This discrepancy is fairly common, particularly in high-rise condos and is nothing to be alarmed about. 

Some causes of this could include (but are not limited to): 

- The Smart Thermostats close proximity to supply air vents

- Sunlight through windows causing a green house affect 

- The Smart Thermostat being located near another source of ambient heat such as your unit’s hot or cold water coils and pipes.

A solution to this issue involves adding Remote Temperature Sensors in various rooms to have better control of the overall temperature in your home. This allows you to drive the fan coil from another point in the room.

To look at the Remote Temperature Sensors we offer click here.

If you plan on removing your Smart Thermostat from your account we recommend notifying Nextech to ensure the device continues to function correctly. 

The Smart Thermostat account details are protected and offers two factor authentication for added security. Be sure to create a strong password for your Smart Thermostat and not to share it with any unauthorized parties. It's recommended that the password you choose be dissimilar to other existing passwords for your personal devices and accounts.

Installing a Smart Thermostat gives you the ability to have more than one user control it. Details on how to go about setting up multiple users vary depending on the brand of the Smart Thermostat you posses. 

For more brand specific information regarding your Smart Thermostat take a look at our "Manufacturer Resources" tab.

Changing your systems fan speed can often be done directly through your Smart Thermostat or using the compatible app on your smart device. Specifics on changing your particular Smart Thermostats fan speed will differ based on its brand.

Take a look at our "Manufacturer Resources" tab to find your particular Smart Thermostat's brand resources.

Nextech's labor warranty is valid for 90 days after your installation date. Smart Thermostats come with a manufacturer warranty that covers the device. Certain products may also include an extended warranty when they are purchased directly through Nextech.

For more details about Nextech's Warranty Policy click here.

Nextech provides the initial set up and demonstration for your device. Your resources for support going forward will be directly from the products manufacturer (Nest, Ecobee, etc.) Their customer support and online resources are well equipped to answer your questions.

To find customer support, contact information, and online resources visit the "Manufacturer Resources" tab for your specific device. 

Most furnaces typically need to change the air filter once or twice a year to keep the systems running smoothly. If you enable "filter reminders" your Smart Thermostat will notify you know when it's time to change your filter based on how long your system has been running.

If your building management provides this service on your behalf you can disable or disregard the air filter notification.

For basic troubleshooting and programming matters please reach out to your device manufacturer's customer support.

- You can find more information relating to manufacturers in the "Manufacturer Resources" tab.

If you believe your issue is related to your units HVAC system i.e. : motor, valves, fan coil, etc. you should contact your building's engineer for assistance.

If these steps have not resolved your issue or you believe the matter is directly related to the installation please reach out to us.

A fan coil unit is a simple device consisting of a fan and a heating/cooling exchanger or 'coil'. It's part of an HVAC system commonly found in residential, commercial, and industrial buildings. 

A fan coil unit is used to control the temperature in a localized space where it's installed by blowing air through connecting ductwork. It's controlled either by a manual on/off switch or by a thermostat, which controls the flow of hot or cold water to the coil using a valve actuator and fan speeds. Larger spaces may include several fan coil units to heat/cool the various living zones.

Due to their simplicity and flexibility, fan coil units can be more economical to install than ducted 100% fresh air systems (VAV) or central heating systems with air handling units or chilled beams, especially in high rise and multi-tenant buildings. Various unit configurations are available, including horizontal (ceiling mounted) or vertical (floor mounted).

Fan coils and electric baseboards common in high-rise buildings work with line-voltage thermostats which can be either 120 or 240 volts. Smart Thermostats by comparison use 24 volts. If you tried to hook up a low voltage thermostat directly to a fan coil unit it would fry the thermostat. Nextech converts high voltage systems to a lower one with a prefabricated conversion kit. 

This requires specialized equipment used by a certified technician.

Depending on the make and model, fan coil units typically support between 1-3  fan speeds: low, medium, and high. These speeds dictate how fast the heated or cooled air flows into a given space.

Smart Thermostats range on what fan speeds they're able to support and if they're able to toggle between different speeds. For more specific information on fan speed details visit the "Manufacturer Resources" tab to see what the different Smart Thermostat  manufacturers support.

Valve actuators are connected to your building’s HVAC piping and allow the Smart Thermostat to control the heat/cool by opening and closing the hot and cold water valves. The motor activates the fan and controls the speed. 

Nextech will examine and test your valve actuators and motor prior to the Smart Thermostat installation and notify you of any deficiencies found. Defective, aging, and/or inoperable valves and motors can adversely affect the proper function of your Smart Thermostat. In many circumstances Nextech is able to quote to replace aging and or deficient motors and actuators to ensure the best possible function of your system. 

You may wish to consult with your building’s engineer or maintenance person if an issue is found and a component in your system needs to be repaired or replaced, as some buildings provide this service to residents themselves.

You may notice that if you like to keep it cool inside even when it’s a bit colder outside that the thermostat isn’t blowing cold air when you turn the temperature down, despite the fan running. This may be because of certain changes that many high rise buildings make to their heating and cooling systems when the seasons transition.

Depending on whether your building has a 2-pipe or 4-pipe system, you may find your ability to cool reduced in the winter time. Two pipe systems typically can't support both heat and cool simultaneously. Therefore, attempting to run the AC during the heating months will be ineffective as well as inefficient. If you believe you have a 2-pipe system, do not use the “auto” heat/cool feature of your Smart Thermostat. If you're unsure whether you have a 2-pipe or 4-pipe system, check with your building’s engineer or maintenance person.

In general, the majority of fan coil models do not have humidifiers built in. There are some exceptions, and certain buildings have separate humidifiers with a local humidistat controller installed at the fan coil unit.

If your unit has a built in humidifier, Nextech may be able to integrate the humidifier with the Smart Thermostat and eliminate the need for a separate humidistat. This is typically a custom quoted service unique to your specific unit. 

If you think you may qualify for this service contact us directly for more details.

The Benefits of a Smart Thermostat

With Remote Temperature Sensors you have greater control over the desired temperature of each room in your home, making sure it's exactly how you want it. You can always be aware of the temperature throughout your house from anywhere using the corresponding app. 

For more information on the Remote Temperature Sensors we program & install visit our page here.

You can utilize the auto-scheduling, self programming, or home/away assist features to help increase your energy savings while also reducing the wear and tear on your furnace.

Control your Smart Thermostat from your mobile device, your home control system, or even ask Alexa or Google to change the temperature. 

You'll be notified by your Smart Thermostat and its compatible application when you're breathing in poor air quality. It also might advise you on steps to fix the issue.

Smart home technology is proven to increase a home's resale value and appeal.

Take a look at the Smart Thermostats we offer here.

The Benefits of An Access Control System

You're able to deny access, visually see and speak to guests, as well as monitor doors and gates from wherever you are all from their smart device.

You have greater control over the access of your gate or door which ultimately allows you to keep your property and its residents safe and secure. You also can enjoy the benefit of not needing to carry around a set of keys for multiple entry points. Be granted access through your access control system via your compatible systems app or using a programmed key fob or key card.  

You can check your access control system and let in your deliveries securely. With the many guest features on these access control systems, you can grant access to people you trust without sharing any passwords or crucial information. 

Have the ability to keep track of who enters and when through your access control system. In case of any security incident or queries you're able to see who was granted access at what time and through what door.

You can see and hear everything with the integrated camera and speaker equipped on the access control system. See what you might've missed taking place at your door or gate with saved video recordings.

The Benefits of IAQ

Your home will be able to reach an optimal comfort level faster with less energy usage, less cost on light, and a reduced energy footprint. 

An upgraded 'healthy home' is more appealing and less likely to be marred by mold, pests, or water damage.

Advanced air filtration means filter changes only need to be performed once per year while improving system performance life.
You'll be able to eliminate foul odors from smoke, cooking, pets, etc. and convert them to harmless byproducts.

About Nextech

Nextech Energy Systems is Chicagoland's premier smart-home and building automation specialist.  Our technicians will install and program your new technology and put the latest advancements in energy management to work for your home. As an Illinois-licensed, bonded and insured installer, you can rely on Nextech to get the job done efficiently and affordably.

Nextech Energy Systems - Connected home, made easy.

There are solutions for every customer class, market, and need. Current incentives can be leveraged to maximize ROI and the customer is informed of new opportunities as they become available. 

Customer can rest assured they're in great hands working with a qualified professional.

ABC Illinois License: 15-0182 | Energy Efficiency License: 18-0254 |  GC License: TGC084507 | BACP Home Repair License: 2523067

Our Vision 

Nextech is here to provide leading comprehensive energy solutions in the 21st century.

Our Mission

Nextech is ready to provide our customers with exceptional service while educating them further on best practices for energy efficiency. Applying the use of advanced technology in the energy industry to ensure the sustained prosperity of humanity, creating wealth for our customers, partners, and employees in the process. 

Our Values

Integrity     Innovation

Passion     Adaptation

Respect     Pursuit of Knowledge

Discipline     Accountability

Dedication     Responsibility

Competitiveness     Sustainability

Nextech is here to help you with your smart home and building automation needs. Enhance and customize your home with advanced technology that helps you not only have a more connected home, but also keeps you as energy efficient as it can. 

Take a look at some of our various product options for high-rises & multi family homes here.

As an energy management specialist, Nextech can provide you with product options that will fit your specific energy needs. 

Take a look at the three most common energy supply product offers here.  

For property managers looking to enhance their equity, Nextech offers a complete selection of connected home products and services that can elevate your property's worth and aesthetic. 

See how Nextech can benefit you and your residents here.

Have specific questions for us? Call or contact us here.

Are you a realtor looking to offer your clients a reliable & professional option for upgrading their home to the next level? Let Nextech make the process easy for you by offering a variety of products that will enhance your clients home! 

See how Nextech can benefit you and your clients here.

Take a look at our realtor collection to see all the offering Nextech has for you and your clients here

As a ComEd Trade Ally, Nextech is here to bring you experienced professionals with effective energy incentives.

Learn more about Nextech as a ComEd Trade ally here.

Nextech helps you manage and track your energy consumption using ENERGY STAR's Portfolio Manager. They can use this information to help present you with efficient ways to improve your energy usage.

Learn more about how Nextech uses ENERGY STAR to create smart solutions for their customers here.

The Commercial Energy division can be extremely complex and overwhelming, Nextech is here to provide comprehensive energy solutions custom-fit to your individual energy goals. Our Nextech professionals perpetually educate themselves on the latest advancements in commercial energy and advanced technology to put them to work for both our clients and the planet. Let Nextech evaluate your energy portfolio and find the best solutions for your energy needs! 

Learn more about Nextech's Commercial Energy division here and how we can help you find useful opportunities to maximize your value in an economical manner.

Energy deregulation gives consumers the opportunity to make more customized decisions on their energy suppliers. As an Illinois resident, you now have the choice of how your electricity and natural gas is supplied. 

Learn more about energy deregulation and the benefits it brings you here

Need help with your order or cant find what you're looking for? Reach out to our team through our contact form here

Let Nextech help make your experience with us incredible. Whether you're looking for particular services or would like an expert opinion, let us make the process easy for you every step of the way! 

Fill out the survey located here and tell us more so we can better service you.