Nextech Energy Systems is HIRING!

At Nextech, we believe in building a culture that embraces individuality while cultivating collaboration and innovation. We care about the needs of our employees and appreciate the various ways in which people do their best work. 

We’re looking for people to join the team who are as excited as we are to create positive change with technology, continue to provide excellent customer service, and aid the growth of Nextech Energy Systems.

If you're interested in joining the Nextech Team email your resume and cover letter to


The following positions are currently open:


IT Infrastructure & Design Internship

Key Duties & Responsibilities: 

− Act as primary agent in the ongoing redesign coding and optimization of Nextech’s main website as well as its various e-commerce sub-sites.

− Analyze and update the company’s various programs, apps, and integrations i.e. Zapier, Slack, Shopify, Hubspot, Quickbooks, etc. Create new integrations where applicable.

− Assistance of maintenance and management of IT infrastructure.

− Intermediate to advanced understanding and/or experience with website design and coding programs is a prerequisite for this role.


Senior Low Voltage Technician

Key Duties & Responsibilities: 

− Minimum of 4-6 years of experience of related fieldwork is required for consideration.

− Successfully execute on-site installation and integration of home automation systems, lighting systems, CCTV and access control systems, LAN and WiFi Networks, smart thermostats and IAQ devices, IoT connected devices, racks and switching, and custom control systems.

− Demonstrate the system features and functionality and counsel user of best practices.
− Provide feedback to the sales and engineering teams to assist in the creation of detailed project proposals that include scope of work, system specs, and design layouts.  


Nextech Careers:   

Logistics Manager 

A logistics Manager is in charge of a company’s distribution, movement, and storage of it's supplies. They also collaborate closely with product suppliers and clients to build strong and long-lasting relationships. A logistics manager will conduct meetings with department heads to determine which logistics improvements need to be made to increase productivity levels across the organization.


Marketing Coordinator 

A marketing coordinator is responsible for supporting the marketing team and carrying out marketing campaigns. Some of their duties include researching market trends while compiling reports about consumer needs, creating marketing campaign content like graphics, blog posts or social media posts, and assisting in executing marketing events.



Nextech offers a variety of positions for student interns who want to get some hands on experience in the workplace. Some of the possible internships are administrative management intern, marketing & design intern, engineering intern, among others.



A contractor oversees all aspects of a project at hand. Some of their main duties include training subcontractors, applying for the necessary licenses/building permits, and providing hands-on supervision and guidance to workers on the site.


For more information about available Nextech Energy Systems careers email or contact us HERE



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Nextech is an approved ComEd, Ameren, Nicor and People’s Gas Trade Ally; an Illinois licensed Energy Efficiency, Distributed Generation, and EVSE Installer and Energy Broker; an Energy Star Partner; a Chicago licensed General Contractor and Home Services Provider; a member of the Illinois Alliance for Clean Transportation; and is accredited with the Better Business Bureau.
ICC ABC License: 15-0182 | ICC Energy Efficiency License: 18-0254 | ICC Distributed Generation License: 23-0255 | ICC EVSE License: 23-0256 | BACP GC License: TGC084507 | BACP Home Repair License: 2523067