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Pelican Energy Management Systems

The Pelican Energy Management System (EMS) utilizes technology that provides effective climate management for commercial facilities, apartment complexes, and building campuses. Pelican uses a secure wireless architecture to connect all your Pelican devices, no matter the size of your facility or campus, to your Pelican Connect™ App & Web Portal, providing efficient control of your entire real estate portfolio. 

Pelican Energy Management System
Benefits of an Energy Management System:

Energy Savings & fast ROI  |  Increased Rental Appeal & Tenant Comfort  Reduced Pipe Freeze/Flood Risk  |  Reduced Equipment Usage and Associated Maintenance  |  Tamper-Proof Mounting & Keypad Lockout  Secure Wireless Mesh Network  |  Online Administrative Management  |  Unoccupied Unit Management & Auto-scheduling  |  Real Time Monitoring & Alerts  |  Administrative Lock-Out Settings & Schedule Override  Energy Usage Reports & Data Analytics

Network & Security:

Pelican Energy Management System

The private cloud server helps guarantee no weak points across the solution. Data center locations, cloud server creation, network addresses, wireless paths, and all other data communications are automated. This insures both heightened security and efficient network connections. If any devices go offline due to maintenance or connection issues, no worries, the system auto re-routes to keep all other devices online.

By utilizing Pelican's self-creating and self-healing wireless mesh network, a single Pelican gateway bridges up to 2000 devices to the Internet, providing efficient control of your entire Energy Management System.

Mobile App & Administrative Portal: 

Setup, provisioning, and tutorial of the Pelican administrative web tool is provided in every system Nextech installs. Standard app subscription is included for life. Enhanced subscriptions can be added at any time for $4/per thermostat/per year.

An interactive tutorial of the Pelican Connect Administrative App can be found HERE.

Pelican Energy Management System Access

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