Pelican Internet Gateway + Installation

  • $395.00 Tax included

PRICING ALL-INCLUSIVE OF: Devices, Parts & Accessories, Delivery, Installation, Labor, Setup, Provisioning, Configuration, Warranty, and applicable Taxes.

Total All-inclusive Price: $395


*Pelican Internet Gateways (GW400) + (GW400 LTE)

The Pelican Gateway is the Internet connection channel for all your Pelican devices. The Gateway can connect up to 2000 Pelican devices to the Internet. Utilizing advanced, self healing mesh network technology, Pelican can extend a Gateway wireless signal to every thermostat in your building.

  • Gateway GW400: If you already have an established internet connection just connect the gateway to the existing business ethernet router and it bridges all of your Pelican devices to the internet and Pelican Web-App.
  • Gateway GW400 LTE: A suitable option for locations where internet connections don't yet exist. A cellular gateway connects to the Pelican AnyWhere 4G LTE cellular network** to bridge all your Pelican devices to the internet and Pelican Web-App.
  • Not WiFi - Just Wireless: A fundamental approach to Internet security is to start with a design that eliminates risk. The Pelican wireless network is designed to be a self-creating and self-healing wireless mesh network, no interference with WiFi or other wireless networks.
  • Automated Wireless Connection: Thermostats automatically connect to each other and back to the Pelican Gateway (GW400). Because of the integrated advanced wireless mesh network in every thermostat, there is ZERO wireless setup required.

  • Advanced Encryption Standards (AES): Uses AES from the cloud direct to end Pelican device. Uses an outbound only connection with encrypted end to end communication (no de-encrypt and re-encrypt). 

*Available with purchase + installation of the Pelican thermostat or economizer only.

**Pelican AnyWhere Network - additional data rate pricing applies


Our technicians will install and program your new Pelican Internet Gateway and put the full potential of this device to work for you. As an Illinois-licensed, bonded, and insured installer, you can rely on Nextech to get the job done efficiently and affordably.

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