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Smart thermostat installations are now available for your building from Nextech Energy Systems. This offer includes installation of premium Smart Thermostats (Nest or Ecobee), conversion of your existing high voltage fan coil system to a low voltage compatible connection, and programming and integration of your new smart technology. Don't be left out, book your installation today.

Nextech can install a previously purchased thermostat as long as it fits the following criteria: 

- The thermostat was purchased new within the last 12 months.

- The thermostat is still in the unopened retail box.

- You have a copy of the receipt.

- Only the Nest Learning Pro and Ecobee Premium thermostats qualify for installation only.


Need more? Customize your package with NextechSelect and get programming and integration included with your thermostat installation. Optimization has arrived at your doorstep. Schedule your installation today!


Now offering Advanced Indoor Air Quality Products. Protect what matters most - you and your family's health and well-being. Whether you're in need of a comprehensive IAQ system or a specific air quality upgrade, Nextech has a solution to help you create and maintain your ideal healthy home environment. Indoor Air Quality, made easy!

The Benefits of EV Charging

EV-READY INFRASTRUCTURE  Future proof design with limited construction and increased property values.

CHARGING TECHNOLOGY – Built to last with advanced software, know you're charging with a secure connection and power management capabilities.

PROJECT MANAGEMENT – Receive a comprehensive proposal tailored to your specific charging needs and let Nextech handle the rest. 

INCENTIVES & FINANCING –  Illinois offers a variety of incentives and financing options to help reduce total project costs.

ADMINISTRATION & BILLING – Have access to your insights and charger remotely at any time through the online admin portal.  

THE NEXTECH ADVANTAGE – As a licensed and trusted professional, let us provide you with EV charging at home and simplify your EV experience.


Interested in a custom EV quote? Fill out our EV Charging Survey.

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Benefits of Smart Thermostats

IMPROVED TEMPERATURE CONTROL –  With remote sensors you have greater control over the desired temperature in any room from anywhere using the app. 

MAXIMUM EFFICIENCY – Smart thermostats program themselves so you don’t have to, increasing energy savings and reducing wear and tear on your furnace.

INCREASE YOUR HOME VALUE – Smart home technology is proven to increase a home’s resale value and appeal. 

SMART HOME READY –   A smart thermostat is the central device that your other smart technology integrates with, enabling a complete smart home experience

For complete optimization, be sure to match the quantity of Smart Thermostats in your cart to the number of existing thermostats in your home.


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Benefits of Indoor Air Quality

Comprehensive IAQ Solutions That Protect You From:


STERILIZE PATHOGENS - Neutralize growth of microbes such as viruses, mold, bacteria and spores that thrive the damp darkness of your HVAC system.

ALLEVIATE ALLERGIES - Capture circulating airborne particles and contaminants that cause allergies.

ELIMINATE ODORS - Oxidize local chemicals and odor-causing molecules into harmless, non-offensive by products.

REDUCE MAINTENANCE - Advanced Air Filtration means filter changes only need to be performed once per year while improving system performance life. 

ENERGY EFFICIENT - Proper humidification and air filtration generates increased airflow with less pressure on your HVAC system. The end result: your home reaches its optimal comfort level faster with less energy.

INCREASE YOUR HOME VALUE - An upgraded 'Healthy Home' is more appealing and less likely to be marred by mold, pests, or water damage.


For complete optimization, be sure to match the quantity of IAQ Devices in your cart to the number of existing thermostats in your home.


Not sure which device is right for you? Check out our COMPARISION CHART to see the benefits and highlights of each device. You can also request a Custom Quote, or email us at: 

About Nextech

Nextech Energy Systems is Chicagoland's premier EV installation, building automation, and energy management specialist. Our technicians will install and program your new technology and put the latest advancements to work for you. Nextech’s commercial solutions division vigorously explores emerging energy trends and incentives to keep you ahead of the curve and improve your bottom line. Don't put your property or business in the hands of an amateur. As an Illinois-licensed, bonded, and insured installer, you can rely on Nextech to get the job done efficiently and affordably.


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Nextech is an approved ComEd, Ameren, Nicor and People’s Gas Trade Ally; an Illinois licensed Energy Efficiency, Distributed Generation, and EVSE Installer and Energy Broker; an Energy Star Partner; a Chicago licensed General Contractor and Home Services Provider; a member of the Illinois Alliance for Clean Transportation; and is accredited with the Better Business Bureau.


ICC ABC License: 15-0182 | ICC Energy Efficiency License: 18-0254 | ICC Distributed Generation License: 23-0255 | ICC EVSE License: 23-0256 | BACP GC License: TGC084507 | BACP Home Repair License: 2523067