Indoor Air Quality


 Comprehensive IAQ Solutions That Protect You From:


Protect what matters most - you and your family's health and well-being. Whether you're in need of a comprehensive IAQ system or a specific air quality upgrade, Nextech has a solution to help you create and maintain your ideal healthy home environment.  


AIR PURIFICATION - Continuous disinfection of the indoor air flow circulating throughout your home.

STERILIZE PATHOGENS - Neutralize growth of microbes such as viruses, mold, bacteria, and spores that thrive the damp darkness of your HVAC system.

ALLEVIATE ALLERGIES - Capture circulating airborne particles and contaminants that cause allergies.

ELIMINATE ODORS - Oxidize local chemicals and odor-causing molecules into harmless, non-offensive by-products.

SLEEP BETTER - Purified air with proper humidification enables you to breathe easier and get a proper night’s rest.

REDUCE MAINTENANCE - Advanced Air Filtration means filter changes only need to be performed once a year while improving system performance life. 

ENERGY EFFICIENT - Proper humidification and air filtration generates increased airflow with less pressure on your HVAC system. The end result: your home reaches it's optimal comfort level faster with less energy spent.

INCREASE YOUR HOME VALUE - An upgraded 'Healthy Home' is more appealing and less likely to be marred by mold, pests, or water damage.


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