Nest Protect Smoke & CO Sensor (Wired) w/ Professional Installation (NXTS)

  • $195.00 Tax included

Price includes taxes, installation and app integration. Promotional discount when purchased with smart thermostat. 

Total All-inclusive Price: $195 


Nest Protect (White, Wired) - Pro Model

Nest Protect is the smoke alarm other alarms look up to. It has an industrial-grade smoke and CO sensor, tests itself automatically, and can be hushed from your Nest App. It tells you what’s wrong and can even alert you via phone or email. It lasts up to a decade and installed Pro versions include a 5 year extended warranty.

  • App Silence: Hush alarms with your phone, not your dish towel. If everything’s under control and there’s only a little smoke, quiet down the alarm from the Nest app.
  • Phone Alerts: The power to know what’s going on from anywhere. When something’s wrong, Nest Protect sends you an alert in case no one’s home.
  • No Chirps: Long before it has to chirp, Nest Protect messages you that it's batteries are running low. Don’t worry, that won’t happen for years.
  • Safety Checkup: Test all your alarms with a tap. Once the test is done you’ll get a full report.
  • Family Accounts: Everyone can have their own Nest Account. No more sharing a login. You can all use your phones to hush and test alarms, and you’ll all be notified on your phone if something’s wrong.


Our technicians will install and program your new Nest Protect and put the full potential of this smart device to work for you. As a Nest Pro certified installer and an Illinois-licensed, bonded, and insured contractor, you can rely on Nextech to get the job done efficiently and affordably. As an added bonus, the warranty on all Nest Thermostats and Smoke Alarms purchased and installed by Nextech are automatically extended for 5 years!
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