Copy of Commercial Energy Solutions

Nextech's commercial division acts as an independent energy consultant providing comprehensive solutions for commercial & industrial businesses. Our leadership team is comprised of seasoned professionals with decades of combined experience across multiple sectors of the energy industry. Services we provide include contract consultation for energy procurement and curtailment, lighting design and retrofits, energy efficiency upgrades, installation and programming of building automation controls, and solar solutions. 


Our Approach: Technology is constantly evolving to the point that it’s difficult to keep up. Nextech makes sense of the energy landscape and delivers results tailored to individual objectives. We connect consumers to energy providers, introducing them to products, services, and programs that they may not be aware of, or don’t have enough information on to make confident, informed decisions.  
Nextech begins by evaluating your current energy portfolio and prioritizing your goals. Next, we identify opportunities that provide the greatest value with the lowest cost. We then negotiate on your behalf and present turn-key solutions in an easy to understand format. Upon successful completion of an energy project, we keep you informed of future opportunities as they become available.  




So Why Nextech? Well, energy is complex; there are nearly 3,000 utilities across the U.S. with more than 10,000 unique rate codes. The market can be daunting and difficult to navigate.  Our energy expertise takes the burden off of your shoulders by ensuring that your are equipped with modern technology that is relevant to your specific needs. We continuously monitor and evaluate emerging trends and incentive programs to help you reduce their energy spend. We only partner with the most reputable energy service and product providers so you can rest easy knowing you're in good hands.


The bottom line: We manage your energy so you can manage your business.


Nextech Energy Systems - Your energy, evolved.


Nextech is an approved ComEd, Ameren, Nicor and People’s Gas Trade Ally; an Illinois licensed Energy Efficiency, Distributed Generation, and EVSE Installer and Energy Broker; an Energy Star Partner; a Chicago licensed General Contractor and Home Services Provider; a member of the Illinois Alliance for Clean Transportation; and is accredited with the Better Business Bureau.
ICC ABC License: 15-0182 | ICC Energy Efficiency License: 18-0254 | ICC Distributed Generation License: 23-0255 | ICC EVSE License: 23-0254 | BACP GC License: TGC084507 | BACP Home Repair License: 2523067