Nextech's High Rise Condo and Apartment Referral Program

Nextech is currently focused on serving mid to high rise condo and apartment buildings. Simply refer friends, family or colleagues to us and for every Smart Thermostat Nextech installs we will gift you $10 and give your referral a $10 per thermostat credit off their order as well!  As an added incentive, any referrals to a property manager or board member of a building Nextech has yet to perform an install in is worth an additional $100 bonus if they work with us to market the service.
*Referral payments will be made monthly for all qualified and successfully installed referrals. Payments can be made via check, Pay Pal, or Chase Quick Pay so you can claim your reward quickly and on your terms.

If you have several contacts you would like to refer please contact us at 888-698-4968  or

*Nextech will be expanding to cover the suburbs in the near future. Currently we are servicing downtown Chicago mid and high rise buildings.  We will send out a notice when are referral program expands to single family homes and the suburban markets.