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Utility Rebate Terms

Terms of Service

Smart Thermostat Rebate Authorization
Utility Rebates are discounted instantly on your invoice, then processed and collected by Nextech Energy Systems through the standard utility rebate procedure. Nextech offers instant rebates to qualified customers who agree to provide utility account numbers and meet the requirements specified below. For residential accounts, a maximum of 2 rebates per utility, per household are permitted. If you purchased your unit from the COMED marketplace you are not eligible for this instant rebate.

By authorizing Nextech to provide instant utility rebates on your invoice, you agree to the following statements:
• You are a current residential utility delivery service customer.
• Your device(s) were purchased new between June 1, 2016 and May 31, 2017.
• You are the authorized account holder for the account numbers listed on the invoice.
• You have operational internet access that the thermostat can connect to via Wi-Fi.
• You authorize Nextech to process and collect the utility rebates on your behalf and will provide the required account information and supporting documentation necessary to do so.