Orbi Add-on Wall-Plug Satellite Mesh Extender + Installation

  • $249.00 Tax included

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Total All-inclusive Price: $249


Add-on Orbi Wall-Plug Satellite (EAX15)
This powerful WiFi 6 Mesh Extender easily creates a mesh WiFi 6 system with your existing router. WiFi 6 delivers great capacity, fast speed, and more coverage. Experience seamless WiFi coverage on more devices throughout your home with speeds up to 1.8Gbps.
  • Design: Slim design wall-plug satellite makes it super easy to extend your WiFi to any room with a standard electrical outlet, just plug it in and stream with speed.
  • No More Dead Zones: Gets connectivity to those hard to reach areas of your home and eliminates buffering — adding 1,500 sq. ft. of consistent coverage to your existing Orbi Mesh WiFi network.
  • Strong Connection Wherever You Go: Creates one seamless high-performance Mesh WiFi network that blankets every inch of your home in super fast and seamless WiFi connectivity — room to room, wall to wall, floor to floor.
  • Orbi App: Quick & easy setup with the Orbi App – Pause WiFi, do a quick speed test, set up Smart Parental Controls, and much more.
  • Additional Information: Only works with an Orbi Whole Home Mesh WiFi Router and Orbi WiFi Systems.


Our technicians will install and program your new Orbi Add-on Wall-Plug Satellite and put the full potential of this smart device to work for you. As an Illinois-licensed, bonded, and insured installer, you can rely on Nextech to get the job done efficiently and affordably.

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