EverCharge Level 2 Charging Station + Installation

  • $2,985.00 Tax included


Pricing is ALL-INCLUSIVE of: Charging Station, Two(2) Access Cards, Parts & Materials, Delivery, Installation, Labor, Provisioning & Configuration, Network Connection, Account Setup, Warranty, and applicable Taxes.

Total All-inclusive Price Starting At : $2,985*

*Pricing varies. Subject to existing electrical infrastructure and available capacity. Site survey required. Charger not sold separately.


EverCharge Level 2 Charging Station w/ Dynamic Smart Power (EV02; 48Amp)

Enjoy a more satisfying Electric Vehicle experience by having access to a charging station where you need it most - at your parking spot! EverCharge EV Charging Stations are UL Certified and designed to provide unparalleled quality, making them the complete charging solution.™ 

2 RFID Access Cards are provided standard. Additional Access Cards and Cable Management options are also available.

Any parking spot where wall mounting is not an option a pedestal will be provided at no additional charge.

  • SmartPower™ Technology: EverCharge patented technology supports up to 10 times more vehicles than a traditional solution via the intelligent distribution of power. This secure wireless mesh network allows for seamless hardware communication.

  • Fast Charging: When extra power is available, or the rated capacity is reached, the system allocates power to vehicles according to their needs, providing fast and convenient charging at home.

  • Universal Charging Connector: EverCharge Level 2 Charging Stations come standard with CSS certified universal connectors and are compatible with Tesla's NACS charging system using a simple adaptor. 

  • Insurance, Billing, and Support: EverCharge provides you with liability insurance, remote support, software updates, and onsite maintenance when you need it.

    • Charging Cost -Pay-as-you-go per kWh charged; simple, summarized billing statements; NO annual licenses, subscriptions, or dues.

    • System Alerts -Receive notifications if your charging station requires your attention for connectivity, power, or maintenance.

    • Insurance - $1M continuous liability coverage included standard.


Our technicians will install and program your new EverCharge Level 2 Charging Station and put the full potential of this fully integrated EV charging system to work for you. As an Illinois-licensed, bonded, and insured installer, you can rely on Nextech to get the job done efficiently and affordably.

  Nextech Energy Systems - Your energy, evolved.™


Warranty & Maintenance: Being manufactured in the USA allows EverCharge to confidently guarantee access to the necessary components to maintain their charging station through the next decade.

  • Pro Warranty - Your charging station comes with a comprehensive 3-year Manufacturer’s Warranty and a 1-year Labor and Installation Warranty.

  • 10 Year Endurance Program -  Customers will have timely access to replacement parts for their Charging Station should they require them.

Service & Support: From online ordering and invoicing, to booking and dispatch, to technical support - we handle it all at every stage so that you can focus on what matters.

  • Compliance & Legal - We comply with all insurance and licensing requirements, local municipal codes, and facility rules & guidelines.

  • Single Point of Contact - Nextech’s end-to-end project management and ongoing service and support simplifies your entire EV experience. 


Rebates & Incentives**: Residents may be eligible for a 30% dollar for dollar Federal Investment Tax Credit up to $1,000 in the tax year the Charging Station is purchased and installed.

EV Charger & Installation Rebates - Eligible residents in the ComEd service territory who install a Level 2 charger in their home may qualify for up to $3,750* in rebate incentives! Conditions apply. Ask your EV consultant for details.

**Nextech does not guarantee any additional incentives are or will become available, nor does it guarantee that the Customer or its Tenants will meet the qualifications requirements for any available incentives. Talk to your tax professional for more information.



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