Pelican Touch Thermostat + Installation

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Total All-inclusive Price : $550


Pelican Touch Thermostat (TC1)

The TC1 is a modern commercial grade thermostat. Made with advanced mesh technology and useful features like scheduling, data logs, and easy virtual & central management through the Pelican Web-App. Upgrade your climate management with Pelican and experience real energy savings.

  • Mesh Technology: The TC1 automatically connects using wireless mesh technology for quick and simple bridging between your Pelican devices and a Pelican Wireless Gateway (GW400)*.
  • Sleek Design: Being one of the thinnest commercial thermostats on the market and equipped with a high resolution E-Ink and glass touch panel display, the TC1 provides a clean and sharp aesthetic wherever its placed. 
  • Alarm Notifications: Every TC1 monitors it's own space in real-time. Through advanced diagnostic and reporting capabilities, the TC1 will let you know when your system fails. Now you can quickly determine issues to resolve problems.
  • Online Management: With the TC1 connected to the Internet, manage all configuration, scheduling, and system operations right from your smartphone, tablet, or PC. Using the Pelican Web-App, administrators have complete control over the thermostats and user restrictions. This gives ultimate flexibility over who controls what.
  • Energy Efficient: Internet connection gives you real-time knowledge based on how every thermostat is operating in your building. You can create schedules for managing each space, or create group schedules for sharing between multiple thermostats. 
  • Historical Trend Data: Every TC1 tracks trend data in real-time so you can visually see exactly how your spaces are operating at any moment of the day.  You also have access to usage data to keep track of how much energy is allocated to just the HVAC vs. other building electrical loads.

 *Pelican Wireless Gateway (GW400) purchased separately.


Nextech will install and program your new Pelican thermostat and put the full potential of these smart devices to work for you. As an Illinois-licensed, bonded, and insured contractor, you can rely on Nextech to get the job done efficiently and affordably.

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