Sense Energy Monitor + Installation

  • Starting at $549.00 Tax included

Price Includes: Device, Parts, Labor, Setup & Integration, Warranty, Taxes

Total All-inclusive Price Starts At: $549


Sense Energy Monitoring System

Electricity Monitor to track energy usage by device in real time.

  • Remote Energy Monitoring: Real time monitoring of your energy use and home activity through our iOS, Android, and web apps.
  • Maximize Your Solar Energy Use: Compare solar production and energy consumption side-by-side in a single view so you can maximize the power you make and minimize the power you buy (solar package only).
  • See What's On and When: See when your kids get home, whether your sump pump is on, and more. Integrates with Alexa, Philips Hue, Wemo Insight, and Kasa HS110 smart plugs.
  • Reduce Your Utility Bill: Measure power consumption in dollars and cents to see how much particular devices are costing you.
  • Professional Installation: Installs in your home's electrical panel. Connects to your home’s WiFi for secure access from anywhere in the world. 
  • ETL Listed: Rigorously tested for safety and certified compliant with UL and IEC standards. Designed specifically for traditional split-phase, 240 volt homes in the US.


Our technicians will install and program your new Sense Energy Monitor and put the full potential of this smart device to work for you. As an Illinois-licensed, bonded, and insured installer, you can rely on Nextech to get the job done efficiently and affordably.

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