Nextech Referral Program - Email Template

Below is an email template that you can use to inform your referrals about the program. Simply copy & paste and personalize to your preference.  Give us a heads up so we can be on the lookout for your referral by entering their contact info here

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Hi _________, 

I would like to refer you to a local company called Nextech Energy Systems. Nextech recently installed a smart thermostat in my condo unit to my complete satisfaction and they wanted to give you the opportunity to experience the same great service!

Nextech's patent pending install process solved the voltage and wiring issues that prevented installations in my high rise in the past. The entire install was quick (about an hour per thermostat), convenient (book and pay online), and surprisingly affordable (about $400-$600 per thermostat depending on your building). They also provide other Smart Home services like cameras, WiFi routers, and smart switches. 

 Because I referred you, you are eligible for a $10 referral discount per thermostat on your order*. This is on top of up to $200 in ComEd instant rebate savings and up to $40 in credits on your summer energy bill !**

If you are interested in the program and would like to learn more or book an install you can contact them at 888-NXT-4YOU (888-698-4968) or


Why Choose a Smart Thermostat?

IMPROVED TEMPERATURE CONTROL –  With remote sensors you have greater control over the desired temperature in any room from anywhere using the app.

MAXIMUM EFFICIENCY – Smart thermostats program themselves so you don’t have to, increasing energy savings and reducing wear and tear on your furnace.

INCREASE YOUR HOME VALUE – Smart home technology is proven to increase a home’s resale value and appeal.

SMART HOME READY –  A smart thermostat is the central device that your other smart technology integrates with, enabling a complete smart home experience.


*Some restrictions apply. Complete program details may be found here.

** For eligible Nest owners only. Please visit here for details on ComEd's $40 summer electricity bill credit.



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